seattle space needle view

How to Plan the Best Seattle Trip

With its picturesque skyline, friendly people, and abundance of delicious food and liberal sentiment, what’s not to love about Seattle? We traveled to Seattle last year right as we were transitioning from spring into summer and lucked into the most beautiful weather and temperature while we were there. Everyone famously references the typically cold and rainy Seattle climate, but I secretly think this is all a conspiracy sustained by the people of Seattle to keep…

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paris fashion week xenia overdose

Paris Fashion Week 2017

// Xenia of To say that fashion week is crazy is, in the least, a gross understatement. It is by all accounts, insane. It is where thousands of fashion industry insiders flock to every year to scope out the newest trends (and faces). Over the years fashion week has evolved quite a bit, with a lot of the focus shifting to digital media coverage, but it is nevertheless a huge production. I honestly can’t…

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paris eiffel tower nighttime

My first time in Paris

Mention Paris among any group of people and you’re bound to get a variety of reactions: Paris is overhyped and it’s too expensive! Paris is the capital of romance and it’s incredible! Paris? Not interested. It’s a city that many people feel strongly about, and for good reason. Paris consistently ranks as the third most visited city in the world. And the Louvre alone saw 7.4 million visitors in 2016 – making it the number…

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Instagram Tulum Travel Diary

Instagram Travel Diary – Tulum

In case you missed it, a collection of all the images I posted while I was in Tulum + a few special ones I’ve never posted before! I decided this might be a fun way to recap the entirety of the trip start to finish. Enjoy and please let me know what you think of my Tulum travel diary! DAY 1: I arrived in Tulum and caught a taxi to the hotel from the bus station…

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Matador State Beach California

El Matador State Beach

After doing a solo trip to Mexico, I was more than happy to have the opportunity to do a short, but fun girls trip to California. We only had a long weekend there, so we had to prioritize what we wanted to see. I’ve been in the Los Angeles area several times before, so beautiful and beachy Malibu sounded like the ideal getaway! We rented an airbnb in the Malibu mountains for one night and…

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firmoo optical affordable travel eyewear

Affordable Travel Eyewear

I’ll be honest; before I received these Firmoo eyeglasses in the mail, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’ve never ordered eyewear online before, and was a little bit hesitant about getting glasses I’ve never physically had on my face before. It’s hard enough choosing glasses in person, can you imagine never actually trying them on? That being said, I AM IMPRESSED. These images do not do them justice. They look great, they’re of sturdy quality,…

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florence fashion european street style clothing

Florence Fashion

Traveling to Europe for the first time was incredible and eye-opening. The architecture, the art, the food; it was an entirely different world to me. Almost nothing was like I had imagined (in many cases, it was better!). But if you ask me what I was most surprised about, what really stuck in my head more than anything else? The clothes. HOLY COW the clothes. Absolutely everyone, and I really do mean everyone, was dressed well….

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florence italy travel

Florence – Italy

Florence has long since been on my list of places to visit around the world. Having taken 5 different art history classes in college, it had also come up quite often (being the art capital that it is). So frequently I had dreamt about what it looked like, what the people were like, and what seeing all this incredible art in person was like. I must have seen images of David hundreds of times. Our art history…

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rome coliseum italy

Rome – Italy

Rome, where do I even begin? What can I say that hasn’t been said? Rome is just…incredible. It’s everything you expect it to be and everything you aren’t prepared for. At times I was Lindsay Lohan in an Italian version of Mean Girls and at others I was Lizzie McGuire throwing coins into the Trevi fountain. It was heart-stoppingly beautiful and full of history, yet fast-paced and alive with all the vitality of a bustling, modern…

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