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Top 10 Italy Travel Tips

Italy, land of wonder, wine, and pizza, is one place where you’ll never run out of things to see or things to eat. It’s beautiful and will leave you breathless, probably because you’ll constantly be trying to catch a train. I visited Italy for the first time last fall and it was an incredible trip, but there are a few things I wish I had known before I went! Today I’m sharing my best Italy…

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florence fashion european street style clothing

Florence Fashion

Traveling to Europe for the first time was incredible and eye-opening. The architecture, the art, the food; it was an entirely different world to me. Almost nothing was like I had imagined (in many cases, it was better!). But if you ask me what I was most surprised about, what really stuck in my head more than anything else? The clothes. HOLY COW the clothes. Absolutely everyone, and I really do mean everyone, was dressed well….

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Florence – Italy

Florence has long since been on my list of places to visit around the world. Having taken 5 different art history classes in college, it had also come up quite often (being the art capital that it is). So frequently I had dreamt about what it looked like, what the people were like, and what seeing all this incredible art in person was like. I must have seen images of David hundreds of times. Our art history…

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rome roman forum

Rome – The Roman Forum

This week I thought I’d continue with my images of the Roman Forum, because honestly, I just have so many! We did an all day tour and I still feel we could’ve seen more because there really is so much to see here. It was so incredible to just be in the presence of all the different buildings and structures, where so many famous and important figures so long ago once stood. If you’re in…

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rome coliseum italy

Rome – Italy

Rome, where do I even begin? What can I say that hasn’t been said? Rome is just…incredible. It’s everything you expect it to be and everything you aren’t prepared for. At times I was Lindsay Lohan in an Italian version of Mean Girls and at others I was Lizzie McGuire throwing coins into the Trevi fountain. It was heart-stoppingly beautiful and full of history, yet fast-paced and alive with all the vitality of a bustling, modern…

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24 hours in siena italy

24 Hours in Siena – Italy

Spending just 24 hours in a city, especially one as beautiful as Siena, is never ideal –  but sometimes you have to make it work! We only spent 24 hours in Siena during our Italy trip, so I’ve rounded up what I think are the best places you should spend your time. Enjoy! Evening: Where to Eat Alla Speranza: This historic and charming restaurant sits on the outer edge of the Piazza del Campo, with a fantastic…

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siena piazza di campo

Romance in Siena

I feel obliged to preface this post with a few words. As some of you may know, we had originally planned a trip to Paris on November 13th, but were unable to proceed with our plans because of the unfortunate events that transpired that night in Paris. We were in the terminal at the airport here in Dallas, waiting to board the plane when it all happened. Within the hour they announced the borders were…

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