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gallo pinto recipe costa rica

Gallo Pinto

I’ll level with you; I’m currently missing my mom. She’s in Costa Rica for a few months this summer taking care of my grandfather. Even though I don’t live at home anymore, I’m still used to seeing her on a regular basis and lately I’ve seriously been craving some motherly home-cooked meals (no offense to your barbecue, Dad!) Recently, I’ve been thinking back to whenever I was last in Costa Rica with her and I…

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best michelada recipe


It’s February, the weather is surprisingly mild, and I’m fantasizing about being laid out on a beach somewhere in the South of Mexico. Of course, the next (and obvious) question is, what am I drinking? As I’m sure you guessed from the name of this post, it’s a Michelada 🙂 Ask 100 different Mexicans and you’ll get 100 different answers as to where the famous Michelada originated from. The most popular versions maintain that the Michelada…

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Pumpkin Pie

Around this time of the year, when I go home to visit my parents, I usually arrive to an assortment of cakes, pies, cookies and breads spread out all over my kitchen. My mom goes into super-bake mode and I am lucky enough to be chosen as taste-tester. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. Anyway, this year I came home to a really delicious pumpkin pie and I was surprised to…

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Chef in Blue Cafe

Last weekend I had the immense pleasure of taking some shots for Chef in Blue! They are a cafe and crêperie located in Frisco, Texas and they are serving up crepes, salads, omelettes and sandwiches à la European style. They opened earlier this year and have since filled the veritable crêpe void in the area. They have a wide variety of lunch and dessert crepes, ranging from the quintessential Nutella crêpe to their own Creme de…

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