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Paris Fashion Week 2017

By August 11, 2017February 24th, 2022No Comments

paris fashion week xenia overdose

// Xenia of

To say that fashion week is crazy is, in the least, a gross understatement. It is by all accounts, insane. It is where thousands of fashion industry insiders flock to every year to scope out the newest trends (and faces). Over the years fashion week has evolved quite a bit, with a lot of the focus shifting to digital media coverage, but it is nevertheless a huge production.

I honestly can’t complain about the digital shift though, because it afforded me the opportunity to go when I otherwise might not have been able to! If you want more details on how that happened, click here.

Paris Fashion Week brighton keller

Paris Fashion Week brighton keller

// Brighton of

My first morning in Paris was spent outside of the Chloe show. Hordes of photographers were gathered just outside the entrance, waiting patiently for all the A-list attendees to enter and exit. Some celebrities were extremely difficult to photograph because they got into a black car immediately after leaving the show. Others lingered afterwards and gave us at least something to work with. The amount of photographers present also made it tricky to get a shot – you definitely had to fight for a good view!

Once you secure a good spot, you have about 30 seconds to get your shot. There are a lot of people moving around, both those photographing and those being photographed, so you have to be fast! I didn’t get as many shots as I would’ve liked, but I’m happy with what I shot. I even recognized a few of my favorite bloggers, which was fun!

Everyone, as you can imagine, was dressed impeccably. Even the photographers! It was very (VERY) cold, but people were nonetheless dressed well. I got shots of some photographers because I was really impressed with their outfits. I, on the other hand, was a hot mess. So no evidence 🙂

paris fashion week chloe show
paris fashion week xenia overdose

Aside from the chaotic atmosphere, it was incredibly fun! Definitely a bucket list experience. I’m attending my second fashion week next month in New York and I’m very excited about going into it with a little more experience. If you’re going to be in New York during fashion week then please reach out! I would love to hear from you and/or grab a glass of wine together. 😉

PS – If you were photographed and not credited then please let me know and I’ll correct it! I tried my best to find everyone, but have missed a few.

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