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seattle space needle view

How to Plan the Best Seattle Trip

With its picturesque skyline, friendly people, and abundance of delicious food and liberal sentiment, what’s not to love about Seattle? We traveled to Seattle last year right as we were transitioning from spring into summer and lucked into the most beautiful weather and temperature while we were there. Everyone famously references the typically cold and rainy Seattle climate, but I secretly think this is all a conspiracy sustained by the people of Seattle to keep…

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dumbo brooklyn new york

5 Ways to Have the Best New York Experience

Go to all the places you would never think of going. Walk until your feet hurt. Drink wine. Drink mezcal. Don’t go to bed at all. Rinse and repeat. New York is one of those places that will either overwhelm you or captivate you. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the constant movement of the city, but also incredibly easy to just be in awe of every moment, every corner, every view. In order to…

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Manteca Road trip Northern California

Have an Epic Road Trip – Northern California

I was so pleasantly surprised by my road trip in Northern California earlier this fall that I figured I’d do a round up of some great spots you can drive to if you live in the area. With the incredible variety of landscapes and towns both big and small, there’s something for everyone, no matter your tastes! Manteca, California – Have to give it up to my original hometown! There’s a tranquility in the air…

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florence best italy travel tips

Top 10 Italy Travel Tips

Italy, land of wonder, wine, and pizza, is one place where you’ll never run out of things to see or things to eat. It’s beautiful and will leave you breathless, probably because you’ll constantly be trying to catch a train. I visited Italy for the first time last fall and it was an incredible trip, but there are a few things I wish I had known before I went! Today I’m sharing my best Italy…

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how to plan the best tulum trip

How to Plan the Best Tulum Trip

A lot of different elements come into play when planning the best vacation, and I’ve found that doing a little research beforehand can go a long way in making sure that your trip is 100% everything you want it to be. Here I’m rounding up my favorite tips for how to have the best Tulum trip! Find an affordable flight: First things first! Get started off on the right foot by finding an affordable flight out…

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how to book a cheap flight

How to Book a Cheap Flight

The first thing most of us look for first when booking travel is usually airfare. It’ll determine a lot about our trip. If you’re on a budget, then that spot that’s on the other side of the globe or that really remote island you’re obsessed with probably isn’t cheap to get to and might not make it onto your itinerary. With a little research and know-how, though, it could be. Here I’ve rounded up my favorite general tips and…

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how to haggle abroad mexico

How to Haggle Abroad – Mexico

Speak the Language – This one is first for obvious reasons. If you can’t speak at least a little bit of the language, you’re definitely going to get ripped off. When the vendor has to “confer with his associates” on the price, you have to know what they’re saying! Even if you only get the gist of it, you’ll be able to negotiate better. Speaking the native tongue also helps you sound like less of…

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24 hours in siena italy

24 Hours in Siena – Italy

Spending just 24 hours in a city, especially one as beautiful as Siena, is never ideal –  but sometimes you have to make it work! We only spent 24 hours in Siena during our Italy trip, so I’ve rounded up what I think are the best places you should spend your time. Enjoy! Evening: Where to Eat Alla Speranza: This historic and charming restaurant sits on the outer edge of the Piazza del Campo, with a fantastic…

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weekend cabin getaway broken bow

Weekend Cabin Getaway on a Budget

So, you’ve decided you need a break from the city life. You long to breathe that fresh, brisk mountain air. You’re going away for the weekend to a cabin in the woods and you don’t want to get murdered; but more importantly, you don’t want to spend a lot. I’ve listed below some awesome tips and advice for how to plan for an unforgettable, but affordable, weekend cabin getaway! Rent a place with a large group of…

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