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Affordable Travel Eyewear

By April 7, 2016September 18th, 20169 Comments

firmoo optical travel eyewear

I’ll be honest; before I received these Firmoo eyeglasses in the mail, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’ve never ordered eyewear online before, and was a little bit hesitant about getting glasses I’ve never physically had on my face before. It’s hard enough choosing glasses in person, can you imagine never actually trying them on?

That being said, I AM IMPRESSED. These images do not do them justice. They look great, they’re of sturdy quality, and the prescription is spot-on!

firmoo optical travel eyewear

In the past, I’ve spent somewhere between $100-$300 per pair for prescription eyeglasses. I always bought from the same place and it never occurred to me to shop around online (I know, I know, not smart!). The result? Great glasses, yes, but the absolute WORST feeling when I lost them. Which, I’ll be honest again, happens more often than you think. Just last year in Costa Rica I lost my (non-prescription, but still expensive) sunglasses in the ocean. I was so heartbroken after because 1. They were expensive and 2. They’re a difficult style to find. After that, I vowed not to take such expensive eyewear with me when I travel. So many things can happen and it’s just not worth it.

Enter Firmoo Optical. I was so happy they contacted me because I had been looking for affordable sunglass options and I never thought to look for affordable prescription glasses, too. They’re very reasonably priced at about $30-$50 per pair, depending on your prescription strength. Plus, they often have deals so keep an eye out! 😉

firmoo optical travel eyewear

firmoo optical travel eyewear

I ordered this pair and it arrived with this awesome travel-inspired case. Love! And if, god forbid, I’m clumsy and lose them, I can order another pair and not have to file for bankruptcy.

If you’re looking for a good pair of either prescription eyeglasses or regular sunglasses, the internet is going to be your best friend in terms of finding something affordable, but chic. If you’d like to try Firmoo, they’re actually offering my readers a FREE pair of glasses with the code TROPENGUIN. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling! Just click here to pick your pair.

Good luck and a special thanks to Firmoo for the glasses and collaborating with me on this post!


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