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molinari deli san francisco

Molinari Deli – San Francisco

We enter Molinari Deli after trekking some ten blocks through Chinatown in the middle of the day. I instantly know this is the place we want to be; there’s a line and they mostly look like locals. We take a number and somehow squeeze through to the back, where there’s a no-frills bin of bread waiting for us. The process is simple – grab one and go to the counter when your number is called….

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pangas beach club

Pangas Beach Club

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of times my life revolves around food. I even plan my day around it. So, when I travel, one of the things I research before I go is the food. I like to be well-informed about what kind of food options will be available to me where I’m going. What is the local cuisine like? What kind of prices can I expect to pay? Any food-related…

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La Boheme – Houston

Back in May I had the pleasure of visiting with some old friends in Houston for a college graduation – the last one, in fact, between our close group of friends. I’ve known these girls since high school and it was exciting and crazy to see the last of us finish that chapter of our lives. We stopped by Bar Boheme Sunday afternoon for some after-brunch mimosas and I absolutely loved the atmosphere there. For…

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