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Weekend Cabin Getaway on a Budget

By December 4, 20154 Comments

weekend cabin getaway broken bow

So, you’ve decided you need a break from the city life. You long to breathe that fresh, brisk mountain air. You’re going away for the weekend to a cabin in the woods and you don’t want to get murdered; but more importantly, you don’t want to spend a lot.

I’ve listed below some awesome tips and advice for how to plan for an unforgettable, but affordable, weekend cabin getaway!

  1. Rent a place with a large group of people. Cabins in Oklahoma can accommodate, in general, anywhere from 2 to 26 people. If you opt for a larger place, you can divide the cost of renting between more people and get more bang for your buck. If your friends don’t mind sharing rooms or sleeping on pull-out sofas, even better! The cost for 1 person for a weekend can be as low as $67. Bam!
  2. Buy food in bulk. This will apply especially if you’ve done #1. Buying for more people means you NEED to go to Costco! Buy everything in bulk. Most people like to grill when they’re out in the woods, so be on the lookout for specials on meat in the month leading up to your trip (freezer!). However, buying ribs for 26 people can still get expensive pretty quickly. If you really want to save, opt for dishes like pasta, instead. It’s cheap to make for a large group and still pretty delicious. 🙂
  3. Don’t splurge on a fancy wine. Now is not the time to splurge on expensive alcohol! This doesn’t mean you have to go college status and buy a gallon of vodka for $10, but it does mean that you should keep bottles of wine under $10, and $5 if you can help it! Purchase from places like Aldi and Trader Joe’s if possible ($2.89 is hard to beat!). Trust me, no one will remember that the wine and beer aren’t the same caliber as the ones they had at that tasting last weekend.
  4. Pick a place that’s nearby. Choosing a weekend getaway spot that’s within 5 hours of you means that you can drive there and probably carpool! Gas in Texas is so cheap at the moment that it only cost us about $30 to drive to our cabin, roundtrip!
  5. Wait until the last minute. This sounds counter-intuitive, but if your group has the flexibility to take off with only a few days notice, you could wait until the last minute. Cabins that haven’t been booked and want to fill up empty weekends often offer last-minute deals. You could potentially get a cabin a lot cheaper than it is listed for. Make sure to follow cabin management companies on their social media pages for special offers.

We went to Broken Bow, Oklahoma, but you can apply these tips to most cabin getaways! I’ve listed some great Broken Bow links below:

For cabins, check out Beavers Bend Adventures, Hidden Hills Cabins, and Cabins in Broken BowVRBO for Broken Bow will give you plenty of owner-operated options.

For park and lake info (including maps!), check out Travel OK.

broken bow weekend cabin getaway

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