weekend cabin getaway broken bow

Weekend Cabin Getaway on a Budget

So, you’ve decided you need a break from the city life. You¬†long to breathe¬†that fresh, brisk mountain air. You’re going away for the weekend to a cabin in the woods and you don’t want to get murdered; but more importantly, you don’t want to spend a lot. I’ve listed below some awesome tips and advice for how to plan for an unforgettable, but affordable, weekend cabin getaway! Rent a place with a large group of…

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broken bow oklahoma

Broken Bow – Oklahoma

On Halloween weekend we opted out of the traditional festivities and rented a cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma with my boyfriend’s family. We’ve been there a couple of times before, and I was especially looking forward to our trip this year because it didn’t feel like fall yet in Texas; no fall colors, no cooler temps, no waterfalls of hot cocoa. Broken Bow, luckily, DID have all of those things and it was absolutely delightful….

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