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The Obligatory Christmas Post

By December 24, 2011November 15th, 2013No Comments


Just wanted to do a short post to wish everyone a happy holiday! It’s officially the eve of Christmas, so hopefully you’re all with your families, enjoying their company and perhaps… a little spiked eggnog? If you’re unlucky enough to be at the airport, or even worse, the mall (cue Psycho theme), hopefully you’ll make it out with most of your mental health intact.


Anyway, serves you right for waiting until the last minute. Just kidding! If you’re really at the mall, then I’d say save yourself now and tell your relatives you’re terribly sorry but a spontaneous tornado tore down all the retail stores in the area and you were unable to find suitable gifts for them. If they ask why the local news failed to report this, just tell them it’ll probably be on later. This will most likely work better if they’ve already been drinking. Just saying.

So here’s wishing all of you a wonderful holiday weekend; see you soon!

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