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My Favorite Photos of 2011

By December 30, 2011January 20th, 2014No Comments


As the year draws to a close, I’m reflecting on all the great photos from this year and… well, you know, our impending doom.

The news told me we’re all going to die the following year so it must be true. Anyway, before we begin the countdown to all the morbid festivities, I thought it might be neat to look back at what I think are the best and most memorable photos of the year. Several of them are black and white, but I tried to throw in a couple of color ones in there. So, without further ado, I give you:

My favorite photos from 2011:

The year before the year we all ceased to exist


IMG_0804 park02 POADpromo IMG_1683


IMG_2002 IMG_2317

Okay, okay, so we may not all die next year. But even if we did all get kidnapped by aliens or something, it’s no excuse to do something stupid today. Be safe!

Here’s wishing all of you a fantastic holiday! Happy New Year!!!

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