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The Art of the Machine

By December 20, 2011March 9th, 2016No Comments


Whilst I was rummaging through my garage yesterday I came upon this super duper neat Minolta camera and thought to myself, wow! What other useless junk might I have lying around?!

Just kidding. Cameras are anything but useless. Except maybe when you don’t have any film handy and all the cameras you own are SLR’s. For you tech-babies, that means that way back in the day cameras required little rolls of film to take photos and you had a limited amount of shots; which means that you couldn’t waste your expensive film taking hundreds of pictures in your bathroom just so you could post them on facebook later and make sordid remarks about your weight.


Lucky for us (read:sarcasm), the age of technology has afforded basically everyone the ability to take a photo. Now don’t get me wrong, I love that photography has become an economically viable hobby, but I also hate that it’s made some of us ignorant to the fact that taking a photo is more than just clicking a button.

It almost pains me to say this, but I feel like the old cost of photography helped weed out those who weren’t truly, truly passionate about it.


It’s just that people seem to have lost appreciation for the art of it. What made photography unique to begin with was its combination of art and science. After all, a camera is a machine. And a certain degree of knowledge and skill is required to operate that machine well. If the process becomes completely automated, will people still appreciate the art?

IMG_2395         IMG_2402

Anyway, it just saddens me to think that we’re heading down that road where everything comes too easily and nothing requires any sort of talent anymore.


Well, I think that about sums up my rant! If I completely bored you, then I hope you at least enjoyed my little collection of cameras. This is basically all of them, sans the love of my life that is the 60D. Oh and yes, that fourth one down is in fact a movie camera, but I think it’s cool and it’s still technically a camera so I left it in this list. 🙂

See you soon and Happy Tuesday!

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