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Sierra Nevada Winter Road Trip

By March 29, 2012February 24th, 2022No Comments


As I near the end of the California posts, I’m feeling sad for all the unfortunate little photographs that haven’t fulfilled their destiny just yet. Sadly, they must remain in the Lightroom womb until I decide they have a time and place to be posted. Or is it Lightroom crib? Have I mentioned it’s slightly weird to think of photographs as babies? Please don’t judge me.


This second to last set of photos comes from the trip to Reno (technically Nevada, I know). Unfortunately, we encountered a snowstorm on our last day while driving through the Sierra Nevada mountains. So, yes, it snowed in the “snowy mountains,” go figure.

Anyway, as much as it sucked for my brother to get out in the middle of the highway and put chains on the tires, it was pretty amazing seeing frosty pines and mountaintops for a few hours. If anything, I took a ton of pictures!


Mind you, out of one hundred shots I maybe ended up with ten usable ones because the car was constantly moving and the landscape didn’t change terribly from one shot to the next. It’s like having a hundred different photos of the same pine tree. The photo directly above, however, is different in that I actually got our view from inside the car.

I suppose that about sums it up for my snow photos. See you in a few days with the final set!

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