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Bottled Poetry II – Napa Valley

By March 25, 2012February 24th, 2022No Comments


Aaaand we’re back! Since we last saw each other, you drank a delicious glass of wine and I stumbled upon what could be the greatest find of the month! (Besides the new iPad) It’s called ROLLIP and it’s a website that offers free photo filters. They have about forty different filters and it’s ridiculously easy to use them. You choose a filter, upload a photo, and they give you a preview and download link. There’s no need for an account or any kind of sign-up, and they offer your image in its original high resolution, as well. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t want to mess with photo-editing software, but still wants to spruce up their photos a bit. Click HERE to check it out!

IMG_3307          IMG_3315

Obviously, I tried Rollip out for myself, and loved it. Not only is it fast and convenient, but it’s also fun. My favorite filter thus far is one of the retro ones, as demonstrated with the photos at the very top and bottom of this post. I’ve always struggled with manually getting the vintage look, and this filter gets it right in just one click. I’m slightly jealous.


This ‘vintage’ photo actually depicts the bottle I mentioned in the previous post. It’s the 1976 Chardonnay that won Chateau Montelena first place at a famous French wine tasting.

So, that’s all the winecapades for now! See you in a few days again when I have more photos of Cali!

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