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Meet Chloe

By March 31, 2012November 15th, 2013No Comments


This is Chloe. She’s the German Shepherd my brother adopted a couple of months ago. While I visited, I thought I would get some shots of her to post up here because I absolutely love dog photos and love them even more in black and white. Also, this is the last California post. Excuse me while I go and cry.

Chloe-2            Chloe-3

Honestly, I find black and white portraiture absolutely fascinating. Candid photos are the best, but I’ve also seen some stunning studio shots; if it works, it works. Dogs, in particular, are awesome to shoot because they normally do whatever they want to and not really what you want them to do. This, however, means you end up with a fantastic, real photo. Not trying to convince you of anything, not contrived, just real. This ‘realness’ is the reason puppy/cat videos are so popular on Youtube. Show them those curious, innocent eyes and people go crazy.

Therefore, a good rule to go by when shooting if you have just one: always focus the eyes well. Obviously composition is important, but a well-shot eye is key for a great, rather than just good photo.


Hmmm… I feel a black and white binge coming on. I have a feeling I’ll be showing you some dramatic things next week. Stay tuned!

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