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Little Plastic Purple Rings

By November 6, 2011September 29th, 2013No Comments


Oh, Sunday, you seem like such a great day for reflection.

I don’t know if it’s that you feel like the end of a weekend or the beginning of a week, but you always get me in a contemplative mode. And today, I’m thinking about the plastic purple ring on my finger.

It’s nothing special, really; just a small ring that cost me about two dollars. But yesterday, I started thinking about the different symbols rings can have, and then I started thinking about marriage, and commitments, and promises… and relationships in general.

They’re hard. Really hard. They can be out-of-this-world insane in good and horrible ways.

Now I’m not a relationship expert by any means; my expertise honestly comes mostly from experience and advice taken from friends. But if I can say one thing about them, it’s that they hardly ever end up how you expect.

Which can be a good thing. Sometimes, the person you least expect to make you happy is the one that gives you the most bliss; like when the frog the princess kisses turns out to be her prince charming. But other times, the person that you least expect to let you down is the one that lets you down the most. And that always really sucks.

But you get over it, and move on. That’s the other thing about relationships; there’s usually lots of them. Lots of boyfriends or girlfriends, lots of flings, lots of dates, lots of being ridiculously happy and lots of being sorely disappointed. But the latter shouldn’t discourage you from trying for the former. Because, (and as cliche as this sounds, it’s true) you can’t get the rainbow, without first putting up with the rain.

I wish it were easier. I bet we all wish it were easier. But the truth is, we’re all going to be let down in life; most likely many, many times. There will be break-ups, heartbreak, lots of tissues, lots of ice-cream, possibly lots of wine… but it passes. In time, most things pass.

Just like kidney stones.

Anyway, my point is that we should always be looking up, even if things seem really, really down. Life has a weird way of working things out 😉 What you definitely should not do, is let someone disrespect you, or let someone be the reason you’re drinking wine at three o’clock in the afternoon when it’s only Tuesday.

So I shall leave my reflecting here, but only until next Sunday when I give you financial advice.

Just kidding. Happy Sunday 🙂

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