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Words for the Peaceful

By November 1, 2011September 29th, 2013No Comments


It’s crazy how quickly time passes by. It’s even crazier how often we notice it.

Sometimes life is just too short.

Today my cousin died. It wasn’t spectacularly devastating. I wasn’t hysterical. I haven’t been lying in bed all day depressed. Actually, it was rather silent. Just very, silent.

Shocking at first, of course, because he was young. But I haven’t seen him in years so it’s difficult to explain what I feel. I suppose it’s mostly a general sadness for his life, or lack of it. It makes me think about my own life, and the things I hope I will have accomplished when it’s time to say goodbye.

If I can relay some advice to anyone reading this, allow me. Take care of yourself, because life is much more fragile than we think. There are no second chances, no do-overs, no taking things back. Appreciate your health and your family; don’t take them for granted. Tell them you love them. Thank the friends that have been by your side, and forgive the ones who haven’t. Love the people around you and most importantly love yourself.

And enjoy the short but sweet time you have on this planet.

Take care, and happy living 🙂

*This was originally written September 18, 2011

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