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Did someone say birthday?

By November 22, 2011September 29th, 2013No Comments


It’s November and I’m excited because that means my birthday is coming up! At the end of this week actually, and I have no idea what I’m going to do…

Every year I always have a plan laid out for my birthday before the first week of November even rolls around, but this year, I’ve drawn a complete blank. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m tuning 22? Seems like I waited forever to tun 21, and now that I’ve passed that milestone, everything else is just…bleh.

It’s not that I no longer get excited; I mean it still is my favorite day of the year! But the idea of a gigantic party or super fancy dinner doesn’t entice me like it used to. Honestly, as long as the people closest to me are there, it’s all that really matters. And I realize that sounds a little sappy but it’s the truth.

So hopefully it’s just a good day. There’s not really much else to say today so I shall leave you with this ridiculously cute picture of my dog.

Happy Sunday!

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