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Moo Gobble Day

By November 24, 2011September 29th, 2013No Comments


It’s already Thanksgiving again?! Seems like just last month I was having this exact same meal with my family. Well, except last year we actually did have turkey, and not rib-eye, like this year. But no worries! Turkey is overrated, anyway.

So this year it’s business as usual. No big family affair, no spending time in airports; just simple, but equally awesome dinner with my parents. And also as usual, the anticipation for my birthday is killing me. 2 MORE DAYS!!

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t make any plans this year. Fortunately, I have amazing friends and they have planned…….drum roll……..a surprise party! But sshh, don’t tell them I know. I may have accidentally overheard a thing or two the other day due to our building’s lack of sufficiently soundproof walls. It hasn’t ruined the festivities, though! They told me not to get my hopes up, but now I’m even more excited than before. Honestly, the fact that anybody would go out of their way to plan something for me and take more than a few days doing it, completely blows my mind. I feel extremely lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

And that brings me to today. It being the day of giving thanks and all, makes me think about all the people I’m thankful for. I have been fortunate enough this year to have a lot of really awesome people come into my life, like my roommate (who is awesome by the way,) and my amazing boyfriend. I guess if there were ever a time for me to say I felt blessed and content, now would be it.

So here’s to turkey day! Or beef, if that’s what you’re eating…

Hope you’re also having a great Thanksgiving! Oh, and in honor of me not watching Thanksgiving Day football, here’s a photo of a soccer ball.

Happy eating! 😀

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