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24 Hours in Siena – Italy

By December 15, 20155 Comments

24 hours in siena italy

24 hours in siena

24 hours in siena

24 hours in siena

24 hours in siena

24 hours in siena


24 hours in siena

24 hours in siena

siena italy streets

siena italy streets

siena italy duomo cathedral

24 hours in siena

siena italy streets

Spending just 24 hours in a city, especially one as beautiful as Siena, is never ideal –  but sometimes you have to make it work! We only spent 24 hours in Siena during our Italy trip, so I’ve rounded up what I think are the best places you should spend your time. Enjoy!

Evening: Where to Eat

Alla Speranza: This historic and charming restaurant sits on the outer edge of the Piazza del Campo, with a fantastic view of Siena’s most memorable landmark. At night everything lights up. If you go in the winter, like we did, they have outdoor heating and fire, making dining outside really enjoyable. If you’d rather be indoors, the stunning interior leads down to a historic wine cellar and is lined with tables along the way. A little more touristy and pricier than most, but go for the view and you won’t regret it.

Osteria le Logge: Although we didn’t get the chance to go, this restaurant came highly recommended by our airbnb host. It’s also on the pricey side, but the outstanding atmosphere and authentic food make it worth your while. Reservations recommended.

Late night: Where to get your Drink On

Bar Il Palio: This place was PACKED when we went. Definitely the spot to be before or after a meal for a drink. They’re not necessarily known for their food, but I’ve read they’re decent for a daytime coffee and light snack. Bar Il Palio is also situated around the Piazza del Campo, making it even better for sitting outside, enjoying a drink, and people watching.

No. 115: I fell asleep a little too early to see this place for myself, but TripAdvisor reviewers say this hole in the wall restaurant is super friendly and perfect for drinks and a snack or an actual full meal. Make sure to look up the address before you go, it can be easy to miss!

Later night: Where to Sleep

Airbnb: As with 95% of our trip, we opted to stay in rental apartments for a more authentic experience. Our airbnb was blocks away from the Piazza, in a charming centuries-old building. I highly recommend finding authentic places to really round out the rest of your experience. Oftentimes, they’re also cheaper 🙂

Early Morning: Breakfast!

MeetLife Cafe: We stopped for a quick breakfast here before continuing our tour of Siena. They had quick, friendly service and an array of delicious pastries to accompany our coffee. We opted for pastries, but their assortment of sandwiches looked phenomenal; I would definitely recommend them if you’d like something heartier for breakfast 🙂

Morning: Time to Explore

Piazza del Campo: You really can’t come to Siena and not see its most famous landmark (it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site). I could spend a couple of hours here just wandering about, taking photos, and popping into random shops. If you don’t have much time, though, 30 minutes is enough.

Torre del Mangia: If you have the stamina of an Olympic athlete and/or really just want a spectacular view, climb up the roughly 500 steps to the top. It costs 10 euros, but is so so worth it. Combine this with a pass to the Museo Civico and it’s only 12 euros!

Noonish: Time to Stuff Your Face Again

La Taverna di San Giuseppe: We didn’t have time to stop for lunch, but this is the best rated lunch spot on TripAdvisor! Genuine food and good atmosphere.

Afternoon: More Exploring and Killing Your Feet Slowly

Museo Civico: If you only go to one museum in Siena, it’s this one. It’s relatively small, but gives you just enough background about Siena’s Medieval history to really appreciate the rest of the city. Combine this with the tower experience to get the most bang for your buck!

Siena Cathedral: Another popular Siena landmark! It really is a beautiful, unique church. If you have time to go inside, it’s worth it; ticket prices start at 2 euros. If you decide to see everything, you can easily make this last the rest of the afternoon. The Biblioteca Piccolomini is inside, as are other attractions like the crypt and Battistero. It’s also only about 3 minutes walking distance from the Piazza del Campo.

We opted to spend the rest of our afternoon simply getting lost in Siena. The architecture in and of itself is a history lesson. I would recommend simply killing time wandering around until it’s time to eat again (that’s my favorite part!).

And that’s 24 hours in Siena, hope this little guide inspired you! Happy Travels!


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