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A Colon and a Parentheses

By September 18, 2013January 20th, 20143 Comments


I have been fortunate enough to have very willing friends when it comes to my hobbies. Honestly, when you’re starting out in photography or film, or any field for that matter, it really helps to have people willing to help you or at least support you. I’ve been lucky in that I have both! I can only name a handful of shoots over the past few years that didn’t require me asking for some assistance. Almost all my shoots, be they film or photography, have required me to enlist the help of at least one friend or classmate. More often than not I turn to the people closest to me for help; my best friends and roommates.

This past year I was also lucky enough to have an aspiring actress move into my apartment (almost too perfect, right?). After doing wonderfully in the film she helped me with last semester I decided to ask her to be my model for some photos. My second cinematography project was to portray an object or person in a variety of lighting. I chose a person because I find humans to be slightly more interesting than inanimate objects. Just slightly.

PhotoSeriesII-12  PhotoSeriesII-8 PhotoSeriesII-4 PhotoSeriesII-3 PhotoSeriesII-6

The first half of the shoot I did indoors; utilizing only some curtains as my background and other areas of my apartment as the environment. A desk lamp and reflector were my only sources of light. I can’t tell you how amazing my little $5.00 reflector has been. I bought it on amazon a few years back and it has several different uses since it comes with a cover that is double sided. If for some reason you can’t afford a $5.00 reflector (maybe you spent your last five dollars on that new Taco Bell double steak quesadilla), you can always use aluminum foil and a large white board. As for desk lamps, the stronger the better is my rule. You can always tone down your light with black paper or by changing your exposure, but it’s more difficult to make something brighter.


I just love the real laugh in this one! Natural smiles and laughs are so much better than what people normally do when asked to smile in front of the camera.

PhotoSeriesII-11 PhotoSeriesII-2

So a special thanks to my lovely roommate for cooperating! Seriously, lesson for today: don’t underestimate the power of your friends. Also, do plenty of favors for them beforehand so they don’t turn you down when you need them. 😀

Happy Wednesday!


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