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It’s the 70’s All Over Again

By February 27, 2012September 24th, 2015No Comments


Whilst visiting my parents this past weekend I was rummaging through old photo albums and stumbled upon these beauties! Lucky for me, my father has a camera for an appendage, so I have literal mountains of photo albums lying around my house. I was impressed with the quality most of the photos retained, despite being over three decades old. So I decided to scan some of them and display them here!

IMG_0004         IMG_0005

The lovely lady in the first image is my mother; followed by more images of her accompanied by my brother. Below is just my brother:


And finally, I have my father in a rare smiling photo; followed by my grandparents and my brother circa 1977.

IMG_2         IMG

Just thought it would be fun to see how photos from the 1970’s hold up today. Hope you enjoyed browsing!

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