rome roman forum

Rome – The Roman Forum

This week I thought I’d continue with my images of the Roman Forum, because honestly, I just have so many! We did an all day tour and I still feel we could’ve seen more because there really is so much to see here. It was so incredible to just be in the presence of all the different buildings and structures, where so many famous and important figures so long ago once stood. If you’re in…

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siena piazza di campo

Romance in Siena

I feel obliged to preface this post with a few words. As some of you may know, we had originally planned a trip to Paris on November 13th, but were unable to proceed with our plans because of the unfortunate events that transpired that night in Paris. We were in the terminal at the airport here in Dallas, waiting to board the plane when it all happened. Within the hour they announced the borders were…

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queretaro mexico

La Casa De La Marquesa

I feel like there are two different kinds of places you can stay when you travel: one being a hotel or rental that is just a place to sleep and call home base, and two being a hotel or rental that is an experience in and of itself. La Casa de la Marquesa in QuerĂ©taro, Mexico, is by far and away the latter. I almost can’t quite put into words how astoundingly beautiful this place…

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