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9 Great Costa Rica Travel Tips

Get a physical map – Or at least a GPS! Costa Rica, although beautiful, can be difficult to navigate. Most places don’t have straightforward addresses and even if you have a working cellphone there, service can be spotty in many remote areas. Also, if you research ahead of time¬†where you’ll be going specifically, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with names of towns, streets, etc. Don’t leave your bags unattended – This seems like an…

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pangas beach club

Pangas Beach Club

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of times my life revolves around food. I even plan my day around it. So, when I travel, one of the things I research before I go is the food. I like to be well-informed about what kind of food options will be available to me where I’m going. What is the local cuisine like? What kind of prices can I expect to pay? Any food-related…

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Tamarindo – Costa Rica

Although my trip to Costa Rica this time was shorter than I would’ve liked it to be, I had the opportunity to see parts of the country I (surprisingly) hadn’t seen before and OH MY GOD it was beautiful. It was apparent from the moment we were within miles of the beach why so many people from around the world travel to and often relocate to Costa Rica. Warm weather, a beautiful environment and welcoming…

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