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Pangas Beach Club

By October 4, 2015October 22nd, 2015No Comments

tamarindo costa rica

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of times my life revolves around food. I even plan my day around it. So, when I travel, one of the things I research before I go is the food. I like to be well-informed about what kind of food options will be available to me where I’m going. What is the local cuisine like? What kind of prices can I expect to pay? Any food-related etiquette I should know about?

The other reason I research is because I like to be prepared in a pinch. I can’t rely on having an internet connection all the time, so I like to have a handful of places pre-selected in my head. This basically means I scoured the internet for reviews, found a few solid options, and made note of the prices, menu, and location. Then, when suddenly it’s 2pm and no one in your group has eaten since breakfast because you’ve been too busy guzzling down margaritas at the beach, you can instantly recommend a place that you trust will be good. And no one will say no, because they’re drunk and hungry 🙂

Pangas Beach Club

Before traveling to Tamarindo I made note of three places: Patagonia, La Palapa, and Pangas Beach Club. I generally try to select places for different times of the day and/or places in different price ranges, but I knew our hotel offered complimentary breakfast, so I mostly focused on lunch and dinner options.

I had the pleasure of trying all three restaurants in my little list, and I will say, I was impressed! Each place was a little different and had great food. When trying to choose my favorite (which, you guessed it, is Pangas!), I had a tough time choosing between Patagonia and Pangas Beach Club. Both had a great atmosphere and superb food, but Pangas’ attention to detail and customer service put them over the top.

pangas beach club entrance

The restaurant itself sits, essentially, at the edge of town. You might think this is inconvenient, but it ensures you a tranquil oasis away from other beach goers and vendors walking around on the beach (great if you’d like an intimate evening!). The tables right on the beach are the best. We went early and beat the dinner rush, but I’ve heard it gets quite busy so make a reservation early in the day if you want to catch dinner here.

Pangas Beach Club Steak

Pangas Beach Club Appetizer

The atmosphere alone makes it worth checking this place out. Then, you add in the food, and it’s heaven on earth. I’m a big seafood lover, so it was especially amazing. The staff was even nice enough to bring us an extra to-go box of fried plantains after we went on and on about how great they were. Overall, a fantastic experience and I would go back in a heartbeat.

pangas beach restaurant

I’ve only shared photos here from Pangas Beach Club, but if you ever find yourself in Tamarindo and have the time to do a little gastronomical exploring, all the places I listed are great options. Patagonia has one of the best steaks I’ve ever had the pleasure of digesting, and La Palapa has a fire show that won’t fail to entertain.

Happy Travels!

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