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Super Eggcited

By January 24, 2014No Comments


Sometimes you do something for so long that you forget there’s a stopping point; a final goal. That’s how school has been for me. I’ve been studying for so long that somewhere along the line I became convinced I was going to be here forever. Now that graduation is close and almost certain, it’s extremely odd thinking about not being in school. It’s become such a large part of my life that doing anything else feels a little foreign. That being said, I’m also ridiculously happy! It hasn’t been an easy road (or a short one at that), but I’m extremely grateful I even had the opportunity to attend college and I would like to think I learned a lot from the entire experience.

As I dive into my final semester, I ruminate on all the skills I would like to finesse and all the ideas I would like to explore before I leave. I’m taking Cinematography for a second time to try and get as much practice in as possible. Since I’m heading more in the direction of photography in terms of my job search when I finish, it will be the most relevant course I take this semester.

PhotoSeriesI-3     PhotoSeriesI-5

Our first project, just like last time, was to compose a photo series in an interesting way using three of the same objects. I chose eggs for their simplicity and shape. Last time, I chose a very textured object that was already inherently interesting. I thought it might be slightly more challenging this time if I used something somewhat bland.

PhotoSeriesI-4 PhotoSeriesI-6 PhotoSeriesI-1

That about sums it up for today! Hope you enjoyed the dramatic egg photos 🙂

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