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Shooting on 16mm Film

By July 29, 2013March 9th, 2016No Comments


I was pretty nervous about shooting on film for my first time when I did this project back in April. I had shot on film before for photography, but the process for video is quite different. Luckily, things were exposed correctly in the end and our developing facility did an excellent job in processing.


I have to say, I ended up really enjoying working with film. Nothing compares to the end result. However, as I mentioned in my previous post, it can get really expensive and is therefore not an option for everyone. I did want to share these stills for comparison, though.


This short was shot on the Arriflex camera using Kodak Vision3 200T Color Negative Film.

To see the short film, Esclavo de la Noche, click HERE.

And to check out the processing lab click HERE.

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