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By February 20, 2014No Comments


Today I wanted to share some stills from a short I’m currently working on. The short, titled ‘Elizabeth’, acts as somewhat of a prequel to a longer short I will be shooting in late March/early April. The films revolve around two characters, Jack and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a young prostitute desperate for money and desperate to get into a different line of work. Her daughter is sick and she is steps away from becoming homeless. She decides to do one last job before skipping town; that’s when she meets Jack. Unfortunately, Jack has other plans for her.

In this first short, I concentrate on telling Elizabeth’s story and her situation. I had the pleasure of shooting with Secret, an amazing actress that I have been lucky enough to work with before. Secret brought, what I like to call, dramatic subtlety to the role. She even helped me hone in some of the lines – I am so thankful I found her!


Thanks so much for viewing and Happy Thursday!

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