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A Farewell to Mac

By May 29, 2012September 21st, 2015No Comments

Photo on 5-29-12 at 1.11 AM

Oh so many things to tell you, photo bugs. Unfortunately, because of certain events that transpired early this month, I was left without a computer. Apparently some degenerate assholes decided that it was easier to steal a computer than to get a real job and save up for one. Thus leaving me iMac-less and very sad for a while.

But alas! I have a new computer as of yesterday and I must admit, it’s pretty great; but I feel like I’m cheating on my old computer and that he’s going to walk in any minute and scream “Hey! I wasn’t even gone a month…”

Photo on 5-29-12 at 1.10 AM

So besides losing my hub for basically, everything, I also lost about 4,000 photos that I very sensibly did not backup. Fortunately I did have the sense to backup my videos so not all is lost, but lesson learned: backup EVERYTHING.

I would now like to take this moment to mention that this is one of the very few times you will see a photo of me on here.

But that’s all for now, folks! I shall be back in a few days with some lovely and unnecessarily dramatic dog photos. Also, here’s an official cyber high-five if you caught my Hemingway nod.

Happy not getting robbed! 😀

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