Islas Marietas Nuevo Vallarta

Islas Marietas – Sailing Tour

Our last day in Nuevo Vallarta we planned a sailing tour to the Islas Marietas, a group of small islands off the coast of Punta Mita. Although the islands are known and visited mostly for the Playa Escondida (hidden beach), they also make up a national park and ecological sanctuary. In fact, a very diverse group of species inhabits the islands and surrounding water. It is because of this “sanctuary” status of the island, however, that humans…

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Nuevo Vallarta beach Mexico

Beachside in Nuevo Vallarta

Today I’m dreaming of the beach. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting over a cold + respiratory infection and being stuck indoors all day errday made me want nothing more than to be outside on a sunny beach. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have a beach vacation for a while, so the nearby pool will have to do. 🙂 I took these photos the day that we landed in Puerto Vallarta. By the time…

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firmoo optical affordable travel eyewear

Affordable Travel Eyewear

I’ll be honest; before I received these Firmoo eyeglasses in the mail, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’ve never ordered eyewear online before, and was a little bit hesitant about getting glasses I’ve never physically had on my face before. It’s hard enough choosing glasses in person, can you imagine never actually trying them on? That being said, I AM IMPRESSED. These images do not do them justice. They look great, they’re of sturdy quality,…

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how to book a cheap flight

How to Book a Cheap Flight

The first thing most of us look for first when booking travel is usually airfare. It’ll determine a lot about our trip. If you’re on a budget, then that spot that’s on the other side of the globe or that really remote island you’re obsessed with probably isn’t cheap to get to and might not make it onto your itinerary. With a little research and know-how, though, it could be. Here I’ve rounded up my favorite general tips and…

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bucerias market mexico

A Day in Bucerias – Mexico

Somewhere between the beautiful-but-cookiecutter time share resorts of Nuevo Vallarta and the quaint-but-touristy streets of Sayulita, lies Bucerias, Mexico. Bucerias is quaint, charming, and clean, but less crowded than its neighbors to the north and south. It’s beachside, it’s beautiful, and they actually have tacos. Many have actually likened Bucerias to what Puerto Vallarta was some 50 years ago. That’s because it was a rural and undeveloped fishing village that was difficult to access until the mid 1950’s, when the government…

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how to haggle abroad mexico

How to Haggle Abroad – Mexico

Speak the Language – This one is first for obvious reasons. If you can’t speak at least a little bit of the language, you’re definitely going to get ripped off. When the vendor has to “confer with his associates” on the price, you have to know what they’re saying! Even if you only get the gist of it, you’ll be able to negotiate better. Speaking the native tongue also helps you sound like less of…

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Sayulita Mexico beach

Sayulita – Mexico

Our trip to Sayulita, Mexico was short, but perfect. It’s a relatively small beachside town that you can easily see in a day if you’re staying in nearby Puerto Vallarta. Although it has become increasingly touristy in recent years, I still recommend coming for the picturesque beach-town streets and relaxed, boho vibe. As far as looks go, it’s a photographer’s dream. Every corner you turn just presents you with more cobblestone and palm tree lined…

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Querétaro mexico

Queretaro – Mexico

Querétaro took me by surprise. I’ve visited Mexico countless times in the past, but had mainly been up North and in beach areas like Cancun. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, it being my first time in central Mexico, but let me tell you, it was eye-opening and incredibly beautiful. I’m always immediately obsessed with cities that have a lot of historical charm and Querétaro did not disappoint. The stunning downtown area is very well maintained…

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florence fashion european street style clothing

Florence Fashion

Traveling to Europe for the first time was incredible and eye-opening. The architecture, the art, the food; it was an entirely different world to me. Almost nothing was like I had imagined (in many cases, it was better!). But if you ask me what I was most surprised about, what really stuck in my head more than anything else? The clothes. HOLY COW the clothes. Absolutely everyone, and I really do mean everyone, was dressed well….

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