Matador State Beach California

El Matador State Beach

After doing a solo trip to Mexico, I was more than happy to have the opportunity to do a short, but fun girls trip to California. We only had a long weekend there, so we had to prioritize what we wanted to see. I’ve been in the Los Angeles area several times before, so beautiful and beachy Malibu sounded like the ideal getaway! We rented an airbnb in the Malibu mountains for one night and…

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Coba Ruins Tulum Mexico

Coba Ruins – Mexico

On this visit to Mexico I was determined to climb a pyramid. The last time I was in the area I missed out on the chance to climb and see Chichen Itza, so I promised myself that it wouldn’t happen again. Since Chichen Itza was a bit out of the way this time, and is also now closed to climbers, I did a bit of research and went for the next best thing: the Coba…

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how to plan the best tulum trip

How to Plan the Best Tulum Trip

A lot of different elements come into play when planning the best vacation, and I’ve found that doing a little research beforehand can go a long way in making sure that your trip is 100% everything you want it to be. Here I’m rounding up my favorite tips for how to have the best Tulum trip! Find an affordable flight: First things first! Get started off on the right foot by finding an affordable flight out…

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cenote nicte ha tulum

Cenote Nicte-Ha

It turns out that beauty in Mexico is not hard to find. In fact, it’s often hidden in the most peculiar and unexpected of places. On this particular day, I found it at the end of a long and bumpy dirt road, in what seemed like the middle of the jungle, in the most beautiful and surprising little pit of water my eyes have ever been delighted to see. On my last full day in Tulum, I…

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Piedra Escondida Tulum Mexico

Piedra Escondida – Tulum

Tulum, home of stunning white sand beaches and resplendent turquoise waters, awakened something within me I wasn’t sure I had anymore. I arrived here a little bit lost, a little bit broken, but ready for an adventure. I purchased my plane ticket only a week before the actual flight; honestly, on mostly impulse and whim. All I wanted was to relax, to escape, and to challenge myself a little bit. To throw myself out of…

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Islas Marietas Nuevo Vallarta

Islas Marietas – Sailing Tour

Our last day in Nuevo Vallarta we planned a sailing tour to the Islas Marietas, a group of small islands off the coast of Punta Mita. Although the islands are known and visited mostly for the Playa Escondida (hidden beach), they also make up a national park and ecological sanctuary. In fact, a very diverse group of species inhabits the islands and surrounding water. It is because of this “sanctuary” status of the island, however, that humans…

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Nuevo Vallarta beach Mexico

Beachside in Nuevo Vallarta

Today I’m dreaming of the beach. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting over a cold + respiratory infection and being stuck indoors all day errday made me want nothing more than to be outside on a sunny beach. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have a beach vacation for a while, so the nearby pool will have to do. 🙂 I took these photos the day that we landed in Puerto Vallarta. By the time…

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firmoo optical affordable travel eyewear

Affordable Travel Eyewear

I’ll be honest; before I received these Firmoo eyeglasses in the mail, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’ve never ordered eyewear online before, and was a little bit hesitant about getting glasses I’ve never physically had on my face before. It’s hard enough choosing glasses in person, can you imagine never actually trying them on? That being said, I AM IMPRESSED. These images do not do them justice. They look great, they’re of sturdy quality,…

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how to book a cheap flight

How to Book a Cheap Flight

The first thing most of us look for first when booking travel is usually airfare. It’ll determine a lot about our trip. If you’re on a budget, then that spot that’s on the other side of the globe or that really remote island you’re obsessed with probably isn’t cheap to get to and might not make it onto your itinerary. With a little research and know-how, though, it could be. Here I’ve rounded up my favorite general tips and…

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